Visiting Vintage Sellers: Baby Got Good and Goddess Goods

We are welcoming Baby Got Good and Goddess Goods to Moon+Arrow as our October Visiting Vintage sellers. Kelly and Jade will be supplying us with carefully crafted and gorgeous vintage for this month-long pop up.

Visit us on Fourth Friday (10/22) to meet Kelly and Jade. Shop their vintage collection all month-long in person at the shop! 

Tell us a little bit about both of you? What do you like to do besides vintage, are you both originally from Philadelphia?

Jade: I’m originally from Louisiana but have been in Philly about 6 years now! I like surfing, I love reworking thrifted pieces 

Kelly: I’m originally from Queens, New York - but I’ve been in Philly on and off for almost 12 years. Whoa, that feels crazy to say. What is time?? When I’m not obsessing over Baby Got Good, I like to write poetry, collage, and binge-watch Law and Order: SVU. 

Why did you start collecting and selling vintage? 

Jade: I started thrifting when I was 16 and haven’t been able to stop since lol! I find a certain thrill in thrifting that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. 

Kelly: My background is in illustration and textiles, so it’s kind of natural that I gravitated towards vintage, and re-working clothing. 

I actually didn’t really thrift growing up, I think because I didn’t learn to drive until this past year (don't judge, I grew up in a city!) so it wasn’t as accessible. I more so went to second hand or consignment stores, and eventually wound up working at one for a few years. That experience definitely gave me the confidence to realize I could have a business for myself. 

What attracts you to sourcing Vintage? Do you look for anything specific when you’re searching for vintage pieces? 

Jade + Kelly: Something Special. I think that we thrift so much and with like an forgive me if this sounds obnoxious but we’ve seen so many things that we can tell if some thing is special when we see it because we’ve seen so much of the same thing so we’re looking for those special pieces that you haven’t seen before. 

Looking for things that stand out have a pop of color that’s in right now I’m thing that has the same silhouette maybe let’s come back in fashion fashion cycle so we’re looking for colors that are hot we’re looking for silhouettes that are hot we’re looking for things that are going to be sending soon. Vintage items that can seamlessly enter a modern wardrobe.

Kelly: I think that Jade and I look to source items so much that it’s become our skill to notice what might be more of a special piece - like, something that you don’t see every day. I personally love textiles, jewelry, and explosive patterns. I know we both love campy things, too. 

What is your favorite part about being an artist in the Philadelphia area? 

Jade: Every market we do in Philly  we meet so many incredible artist and makers! We love making these connections and creating a community where we can dream, vision and create together. We actually hope to facilitate a market one day in the near future that house that same energy

Kelly: I think it’s actually still accessible to be an artist here, as opposed to other cities. We can actually afford a studio space, and that’s such a blessing. Meeting other small business owners has been extremely fun, and I love how this community has had the vibe of lifting each other up, instead of being purely competitive

Where do you find inspiration?

We find inspiration in each other! Every time we’re on the street or at a market, we’re constantly admiring and taking mental notes of people’s incredible outfits!

What does the future hold for Baby Got Good and Goddess Goods? Anything fun or exciting on the horizon? 

Oh my god, we talk about this constantly! We’d love to continue collaborating with other small businesses - and of course, the dream is getting a brick & mortar storefront. Jade and I also want to have a collaborative brand, where we’ll be able to offer multiples of the same pieces, and work on more up-cycling projects. Honestly, we’re constantly thinking of the future - it’s so exciting!

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