March Visiting Artist: Wonky Ware

We welcome Wonky Ware to Moon+Arrow as our March Visiting Artist. We host and highlight a local Philadelphian maker in the shop and online to celebrate Philadelphia, handmade goods, small-batch artisans, and the community. Claire Resnick of Wonky Ware creates whimsical ceramics that are beautiful and functional.  

How did you start your pottery journey? 

I'd always been drawn to ceramics as a craft/art form and finally decided to take a class 4 years ago, it instantly took hold of my heart and I continued taking more and more classes. I started to take it more seriously two years ago when I started to sell on Instagram under the name Wonky Ware. Ceramics have  changed my life in too many ways to count and I am so grateful Ive been able to give myself the space to explore it more. 

Your work really revolves around a lot of organic shapes and abstract imagery. Where do you draw your inspiration from, do you know what a piece is going to look like when you start it? 

This is where the name Wonky Ware really came into play! I really embrace the hand-made element of my work, the wonky-ness of it. Ceramics taught me to trust my instincts, I have references in my work but truly allow my hands and clay to speak to each other. Clay is a material that needs to be listened to and forces patience, I aim to be it’s partner while working. A lot of my references come from natural movement - the curves and slumps of an active body, waves breaking along a shore, bark pulling away from its tree. And alongside that, the act of making is all about movement as well, using my fingers to pinch and pull the clay into a form that supports itself. 

What do you listen to while you're working in the studio? 

Generally I don’t listen to anything! It's really for two very different reasons, first it encourages the meditative part of my practice and secondly, because I work in a communal studio, it opens up the opportunity for socialization and learning. So oddly, I am either talking or deeply silent listening to the repetitive sound of my fingers pushing the clay. 

Walk us through a typical day in the life of Claire.

My days really vary which can sometimes be difficult for me, I find that routine can be motivating. Two days a week I work an office job and the other days are meant for my ceramic practice. Most days I go to the studio during the day time, others I'll start at a coffee shop to get other computer work out of the way. I always start my day with either a drip coffee or getting a cappuccino out - love a yummy coffee. I try to end my day with reading but honestly been in a slump with that so been watching some easy tv recently. As I’ve been transitioning towards doing ceramics its been interesting to see how I do with managing my time, I'm still learning the best ways for me to get my work done in as enjoyable a way as possible. 

What's next for Wonky Ware any exciting new upcoming partnerships or events?

The warmer months are coming up, which means more markets which I plan to do but I also plan to do more drops on my website this year! It's a while away but I just got into my first residency for the summer which I'm very excited for. I'm in a place where I'm putting more effort into growing my practice which has already led to great opportunities, like my visiting artist placement with you guys! So hoping to keep the momentum up and be able to continue spending my time with clay. Instagram really is the best place to keep up with what I'm doing!

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