March Visiting Vintage: Karnet Creative

This month we welcome Karnet Creative to Moon+Arrow as our visiting vintage seller. Kari of Karnet Creative is bringing our vintage racks earthy and ethereal vibes embracing all that spring has to offer, color, pastels, florals and more. Shop Karnet Creative all month long in the shop. 

(image by Sam Soliman)

How does sustainability factor into your life and brand?

Sustainability factors into all of my daily choices. It is so empowering to constantly learn the best way to leave a lighter foot print on this Earth. Rescuing, reusing and recirculating pieces will always be the most valuable way to lead a sustainable lifestyle. It is labor intensive to restore, care & find the right home for pieces but we all need a little tlc to be our best selves. 

Shopping secondhand first doesn’t stop with inventory. Almost everything I use for myself and my business is reclaimed. Shipping supplies, sewing notions, product displays I always seek out and allow me to be creative and sustainable.

What was your inspiration for this collection?

Earthy, ethereal vibes are what catch my attention. Breezy fabrics that layer with ease. Light moments of interest with embroidery, light prints and lace are the kindred spirits in this collection. My heart finds happiness in curating pastel muted tones which spring fashion is our time to shine!  We’re coming out of hibernation. Flowers are blooming & the sun is shinning on all the pieces our winter coats have covered up. This collection is put together for my fellow femme fairies. Moon + Arrow is loveliest shop to showcase and hopefully find new homes for each piece.

What's your styling philosophy? 

Blending comfort and style is so important to be confident and able to stride through your day in style. Finding clothes that are meant to fit you and your life. Vintage & Pre-loved shopping can feel overwhelming but I find so much joy in helping take that step.  I love scanning someone and figuring out what pieces will help them feel their best selves. The best part of my job is seeing someone light up when they see themselves in the mirror. 

What are your favorite trends right now? 

My favorite trend right now is creativity. Looking back in history, we see there is only a few choices of what stores, sewing patterns,& fabrics were available and accepted. Now we have decades of fashion and trends to pick. I believe with social media (especially tiktok) we are seeing the variety of trends that give us the opportunity to pick. I love the flexibility in changing up daily outfits and getting inspired by the stranger passing me on the street. The collection at Moon + Arrow spans eras 1930’s-1990’s and by mixing and matching the pieces there is endless unique timeless & trendy combinations.


(image by Ortiz V Photography)

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