Re-introducing ULA

This month we’re highlighting one of our favorite makers at the shop, and close friend. Ula Botanic is an artisan apothecary brand centered around the healing ritual of skincare. Ula’s products are all lovingly handmade on Orcas, an island off the coast of Washington. Founder Elie Barausky uses her experience in herbalism and holistic esthetics to create skincare inspired by ancient healing practices. Ula products promote the body’s natural healing and restoring powers. Here are a few of our current favs. 

Seaweed + Salt Body Scrub

Add this scrub to your routine and achieve smooth skin through increased circulation and exfoliation. Quality natural ingredients like seaweed and shea butter add moisture, scented with rosemary and pink grapefruit.

Geranium Cleansing Oil

This cleanser is the perfect combination of natural hydration and purifying ingredients. The Geranium Cleansing Oil removes impurities from the day while leaving your skin soft and replenished. This formula is antioxidant-rich with essential oils, an ideal cleanser for protecting and strengthening your skin’s natural barrier.  

Sea Buckthorn Balm
Leave it to the Sea Buckthorn Balm to rescue your dry or uneven skin! This blend of waxes and essential oils repairs cellular damage, soothing skin and evening skintone. Rosehip seed oil encourages collagen production and repairs signs of sun damage, while sea buckthorn oil is chalk full of phytonutrients to help you feel and look your best.

Ula Botanic products are available in-store and on our website.

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