Meet Thrifted and Worn

This month we welcomed Natalie of Thrifted and Worn to Moon+Arrow as our visiting vintage seller. Learn more about Natalie's start in thrifting and what's next for her brand. 

How would you describe your style?
I am an outfit repeater and I don't care who knows it!  I wear the same thrifted Zara jeans for pretty much every date night, girls night or just anytime I want to look cute! I usually match that with a minimal crop top of sorts and some fun statement hanging earrings. My full-time job is remote now, so my daily style is a bit different from what I wear out in the world! I could spend all day in my pajamas and be so content!
Since the pandemic began, are clothes playing a different role in your life? 
thriftedandworn started as a quarantine side project and I am in awe how much it has grown. Two of my close friends helped me start the business in August 2020 and I can't believe we are in a store just two years later! 
I was a teacher for the last four years, so my clothing routine was always professional during the day, but as soon as I got home I was in my comfy lounge clothes. The only difference the pandemic added to that was that I got to be in my comfy lounge clothes all the time! I also started waking up and putting on my workout sets. I find it helps motivate me to work out during the day when I am already dressed to do so.
Tell us about sustainability and vintage how does it play a part in your life/brand?
My love for thrifting started with my mom. I still remember one of my birthdays when she surprised me by taking me to a Salvation Army. I can still picture the striped pants I picked out to wear to my birthday party. As soon as we got home I begged her to wash them so I could wear them later that night! She did of course, my mom's the best. Sustainability plays a huge role in my life. I rarely purchase new clothing as I'm someone who enjoys going through the racks at the store, but I also recognize how damaging fast fashion is. I think if I can have a platform that makes thrifting accessible, trendy and helps build confidence, then I know my business is providing good to others. That's important to me.With that being said, I'm definitely not perfect when it comes to sustainability. I'm learning new ways to sustain as I go along and I think even the smallest changes can make the biggest impact. thriftedandworn aims to be accessible first and foremost. Along with that comes my intentionality behind representing all body shapes and sizes. I think everyone deserves to find cute finds at a price that works for them and makes them feel good!
How did you start collecting vintage? 
This is thriftedandworn's first time focusing solely on vintage! It has been such an awesome learning experience. Our goal has always been to promote slow fashion in a fun and accessible way, so although our clothes aren't always vintage, I think they certainly have a story of their own. I've really enjoyed the research that went into creating this collection. I read tons of articles online and checked out other vintage sellers for inspiration. I have a newfound interest in the 'vintage' section of my local thrift store!
What's next for Thrifted and worn? 
thriftedandworn is celebrating our second birthday this month while we are in Moon + Arrow! It's a celebration in itself to see how much other people love this little idea I had a few years ago. I made a promise to myself that thriftedandworn would always remain the thing I do because I love it. It's a neat perspective because I never worry about how many followers I have, or the next big thing. I get to just enjoy the ride with everyone else! Who knows, maybe there will be a store in a few years! But for now, I love our little community and am so thankful Moon + Arrow invited us to be a part of theirs. I'm not sure I'll ever stop fangirling over the invite to join the store this month. 


Amazing Natalie to see you in a the Fashion business! Maybe we can do something together !

Catherine Geib September 15, 2022

Love thriftedandworn!! Her clothing is ALWAYS inclusive of all sizes, body types and shapes. Even just the way she models clothing/outfits inspires me of the different ways I can wear items I have in my closet. Definitely recommend giving her a follow on Instagram!

Emily Serkes September 15, 2022

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