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Moon + Arrow’s beginnings are rooted in vintage clothing. Proprietor Chelsea Pearce has a knack for finding one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from all over the world and bringing them to our space. As the shop grew, so did Chelsea’s family, and sourcing vintage became harder to do consistently. Moon+Arrow has been inviting monthly local visiting vintage sellers to help us fill that gap and bring a variety of styles and collections to our customers. Along side our rotating visiting vintage sellers we are excited to be welcoming Savor Collective as a permanent part of our clothing racks in the shop AND online. Savor Collective is a vintage brand started by Moon+Arrow's visual manager and buyer, Emily Razzi. This is the first time Moon+Arrow will be offering vintage clothing for our out of town friends. Shop Savor Collective online starting September 1st. We sat down with Emily to chat about Savor Collective, how she started collecting vintage and how this collection fits into Moon+Arrow's current offerings.

How does sustainability factor into your life and brand?
I have studied mindfulness for three years now and have found that one cannot live a sustainable life without mindfulness. I have realized Savor will never be the place one discovers loud eclectic pieces that you only wear once for that party. Savor will always be a place inspired by simplicity; I think indeed, to have a brand, a space, a store, you have to know WHAT you are and, more importantly, what you are NOT. Savor is a place you will find essential, simple, neutral pieces that are picked out of places so they don’t end up in a landfill at that moment and later on. I want people to know that I will never source something to have inventory; I will only source something that I believe someone else will savor.
What was your inspiration for this collection?

Quilted vests
Button up shirts not tucked in 
Bright socks with nude clogs
The words “when nothing lines up”
Monochrome outfits 
Gingham in the fall 
“Menswear” that is just “wear” 
Paul Klee 1939

How does this collection fit in with Moon+Arrow's offerings? 
Moon + Arrow, as a storefront, has become a place for people to find unexpected joy, from the employees to the table scapes,  our customer connects a lot to the products they find at the store. The owner of Moon + Arrow, Chelsea, taught me that when it comes to buying for the shop rituals are essential. We must stay with them to see the “help” they offer. When I was dreaming up this collection curled up in my bed, adding things to my Pinterest board… I thought of the customers I see day in and day out. I want them to be offered vintage that can be a ritual piece in their weekly wardrobe. When someone purchases one of my pieces, I want them to savor it truly and know it is something they will get a lot of use of. 

What's your styling philosophy? 
It is hard for me to find the words when I am such a visually driven person. When I’m styling myself or someone else, it is much more of what I see that needs to be added or needs to be taken away. What is the focus of the outfit? What is the styling story you are trying to tell? It is a big exercise of trusting myself. For me, less is always more. 

Favorite trends right now? 
Seashell necklaces all year round
Clothing that lets you breathe
Clothing that has hand painted detailing.

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love this !! so excited to this collection online 🤎

madauer September 15, 2022

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