September Visiting Vintage: Tiger Snake Vintage

We are excited to be welcoming Tiger Snake Vintage to Moon+Arrow for September. Lisa of Tiger Snake is truly an incredible vintage curator, her pieces range from smart blazers to velour sweat pants. This collection is full of stand out pieces that will you cherish forever and will add spice to your current wardrobe. 

Q: How did you start collecting vintage? 
I moved to Philly in the early 2000s for college. During my freshman year as a fashion design student, we went on a class trip to the Met to see an exhibition of Iris Apfel’s clothing collection and it instantly became one of my core memories. The way she gathered and curated pieces from all over the world, mixing flea market finds across all different eras and cultures, was just so insanely inspiring. It really opened up the world of vintage shopping to me because it made it so abundantly clear that those types of special pieces weren’t new ones that could be made or even recreated - they were found. It quickly became an obsession of mine, and only grew during my time working in the fashion industry. I soon started to realize that sourcing vintage and curating collections was the only part of my job that I actually enjoyed. Enter Tiger Snake Vintage.  

Q: What is the significance behind your brand’s name? 

Astrology is a concept that at one particular moment all the stars and planets aligned perfectly to create something so unique and magical. Someone’s sense of style is the same way—extremely personal and special. Tiger Snake is a merger of those two ideas, using two zodiac symbols of women that inspire me. It also doesn’t hurt that a Tiger and Snake are just two beautiful, bad ass animals :)

Q: What is your biggest inspiration? Who are you style influences when curating your vintage selection? 
I am super lucky to have a family that is filled to the brim with strong, amazing women and my grandmother, Estelle, was no exception. She was so vibrant and charismatic, and one of my favorite human beings of all time. Her style directly correlated to her personality, so over-the-top but in the very best way. She dressed for everything and truly took so much pride in putting her looks together - even if she was just going to the grocery store. I always keep her in mind while sourcing vintage.  I select each piece specifically because I can see it becoming such a beloved part of someone’s wardrobe. A piece that will be coveted and treasured for years to come, much like Estelle always did. 

Q: Whats the best part of being a vintage curator in Philadelphia?
Definitely the people! The other vintage sellers, the event organizers, and the customers I’ve met along the way have made this the best part of being a vintage curator in Philadelphia. When you leave your career in your 30’s to start your own business it is very easy to be filled with fear and self doubt. The way the vintage community in Philly opened their arms and welcomed me in let me know this is exactly where I was supposed to be. And for that I couldn’t be more grateful, or proud to be a part of something.

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