What is Inner Light Aura?

Join us on December 18th from 11 am to 6 pm at Moon+Arrow for our Winter Solstice celebration. We are hosting Sara of Inner Light Aura for aura portraits. The winter solstice happens when the earth's axis tilts away from the sun, making it the shortest day and longest night of the year for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. We sat down with Sara Silverstein to learn more about aura photography and breath-work in preparation for our Winter Solstice Celebration. Purchase your time slot here.

1. How did you start Inner Light Aura, what drew you to aura photography? How did this journey begin? 
I started Inner Light Aura when I was living in Bali. My main job is in processing trauma via the modality of Breathwork and after a few heavy weeks of clients I wanted to add a bit more fun into my life. I am originally from New York and I fell in love with aura photography back in 2016 so when I thought of a new fun business
I immediately went to that. My background is in photography and I have always loved interacting with people so when I considered being able to show people their unique energy, I became completely jazzed. Before I knew it, I was investing in this new business and it has been a wild ride for the past two years!

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from, what are your hobbies, etc. 
So yes, hi! I'm Sara Silverstein - an International Breathwork Facilitator & Teacher, an Aura Photographer and a Female Sexuality Specialist. I originally hail from New York where I burnt out working in finance and left to travel the world in 2017 for a few months and that turned into transforming my entire life and me finding home in Bali, Indonesia. I've always been fascinated with humans and how we all interact so leading people through the transformative process of Breathwork has been a real high for me over the years. Inner Light Aura was my second business that I launched in Bali and then I moved into training to be a Female Sexuality Specialist because there is nothing more sacred to me than the connection that female identifying souls have with their bodies and I wanted to help liberate them from past trauma into thriving in their day to day lives. I am much more than my professions but as basic as my name is - my hobbies are also basic. I love a spin class, a pumpkin spice latte and all things aesthetically pleasing. I am a slam poet and a ceramicist in my spare time but above all else I love meeting new friends and learning what makes them tick and thrive.

3.   You also do breathwork, how did you get into that practice?
I fell into Breathwork back when I was in a long term relationship and my then partner told me - "Babe, if we are going to work out - you need to seek some outside help." I was working 70hr work weeks and chasing the American Dream while my happiness dwindled. I am eternally grateful for that man because he set me on a path that has changed me for the better. I landed in a group class in Brooklyn, New York in 2016 and from the moment I left that healing space I knew that this was going to be a major shift for me. I became a facilitator 6 months later and fell in love with leading clients back home to themselves. I have had the pleasant fortune of turning a side hustle into my main career once I started traveling and I have led thousands of souls through this modality. It is the backbone of my happiness and I urge every soul who wants to dive a bit deeper into themselves to try it out.

4. How did you end up in Philadelphia? 
I moved to Philadelphia on a total whim! I had visited it twice before and upon my last visit I knew there was something magical here. My favourite thing about this darn city is how wonderful the people are. I walk to Revel Ride every morning and say good morning to every soul I see and without fail - they respond with some sort of kindness that makes my heart swoon. The souls here are special in a way that I couldn't have ever imagined. I am looking forward to connecting to more as I make this home.
5. What's next!? 
I am just getting my footing here in Philly but keep your eyes peeled for live group Breathwork sessions and Inner Light Aura studio hours. We are going to make a whole lot of magic together and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.


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